Women's Priceless Wisdom

Inclusive to all women. Exclusive to only women.

The challenges facing humanity call for a new paradigm.  We believe this transition period and new paradigm must incorporate and utilize the unique perspective and wisdom of women. 

Yet, too many discussions of “global impact” are  dominated by male leadership and perspectives. Not enough women are being granted the opportunities and resources to shape our collective reality. We see too few women in the leadership roles addressing global challenges. We are taking proactive steps to correct this in our vision and listening.

Together, we are exploring what women’s leadership can manifest, how women’s perspectives frame responses to the metacrisis, and what a fully inclusive female space provides.


Women’s Priceless Wisdom is a space for women to:

  • Center our experiences
  • Explore responses to the predicaments facing humanity and the planet
  • Nourish and grow with one another
  • Explore what an inclusive space means in practice
  • Amplifying and empower intuition, feeling sense and nontraditional talents/offerings
  • Come to terms with where we are as humanity and as women so we can move forward and build an honorable future for generations to come 
  • Experiment with different forms of organizing and actualizing impactful change 
  • Give one another permission to embody what is often suppressed in traditional business environments
  • Rewrite our collective narratives and validate ourselves in our own ways
  • Share our stories, inspire others, hold space for and support each other

We are setting a one-month initial exploration, with the intention of renewing each month, so the group does not lose momentum, and if it does (or if other spaces call you), we have clear entry and exit points.

3 weeks
6 sessions
Beginning the first full moon in January

 We will gather for six facilitated sessions over the course of three weeks to explore the above topics. Then we will have one week of reflection to decide whether and how to continue.

Ground Rules: 

  1. If you are a female adult, you are in. If we disagree with your opinions, you are in. If you have made mistakes, ou are in. Whatever your status or stage in life, you are in.
  2. We move forward with actions that are good enough for now and safe enough to try. Unless there is any material objection, all proposals pass.
  3. Our manifesto will document our values based on our actions, not based on our philosophy.


PricelessDAO hosts economic and cultural models that sustain human social fabric and the vitality of the planet.

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